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    A Very Green Question: Which Desktop for Premiere Pro


      Hi guys,


      First, please go easy; I'm as green as they come. I am looking into purchasing a new desktop for several functions, one of which will be video editing. I've been reading alot of everyone's suggestions on builds and systems ( 8gigs ram, say no to RAID 0, different graphics cards) - and most things are going over my head, so I thought I would come out and just ask the experts on a brand desktop.


      My Current Platform: I've been using Adobe Premier Pro CS4 and Photoshop on (wait for it) an old Dell Latitude D830. I am actually very happy with what this laptop has done, but I'm looking for something that will take less than 20-30 minutes to render 2 minutes of video (although It has never had any issues running Photoshop).


      My Intended Use: I will primarly be using the desktop for Photoshop (print advertisement/label mock ups) and Premiere Pro (5~10 minute Youtube Videos and the occassional 45 minute DVD) as well as word processing and other office related stuff.


      I'm trying to keep the cost down - preferable around (or below) the $1000 mark, and I don't necessarily need to be on the cutting edge as long as I can get the functionality out of Premiere Pro and make a video in less than a decade.


      I've been looking at the desktops from Dell (since mine has served me well over the years). I was recommended by one of their reps  to look into XPS 8300. I also looked at the 7100. I have also read recommendations on different sites for the HP options.


      My Question: Based on my intended use, is the XPS 7100 a viable option, or do I need to step up to the 8300 (or even a full blown workstation like the T1100)? And if either of these works, am I better suited with the comparitively priced HP's (HPE-510t/HPE h8z)?


      I appreciate any advice you can give to point me in the right direction. I don't feel comfortable building my own system ( I've read that most of you recommend that). I just want to make sure I don't buy a desktop and find it crashing on me because it can't handle what I'm asking it to do. I figure anything is really going to be an improvement over what I've been using.


      Thanks again for your help,