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    Replay a movie from a previous state using a button  - how?


      I am making a 'simple' (or it would be if it worked!) envelope for a FLASH movie. I am using Catalyst to provide menu functions after a very short FLASH movie plays - the sequence is:


      1. State 1 - animated intro
      2. State 2 - Short movie
      3. State 3 - post movie menu


      What I want to do is allow users to 'replay the movie' by clicking a 'play movie again' button in State 3 which will take them back to State 2 and autoplay the movie before it again returns to the post movie menu in State 3.


      I have the movioe set to autoplay in State 2, and havbe an action to take it to State 3 when the movie finishes - but when I test my project and click on my 'play movie again' button it does go back to State 2 but just freezes and doesn't play the movie.


      Any ideas what I may be doing wrong here?


      Many thanks...