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    Datagroup (virtual layout) + itemrenderer: different row heights?


      Hi all,


      I show a DataGroup with VerticalLayout that contains 100.000+ rows.

      This goes okay: I've set useVirtualLayout to true (so the rows get rendered only when viewed in the viewport) and defined a custom itemRenderer.

      The data is a collection of data objects in an ArrayList.

      So far, so good.


      The itemrenderer renders, depeding on the data collection that it receives, a `row` (instance of SkinnableContainer).

      Here ocures the problem: the rows can be of different heights.


      Since the itemRenderer gets recycled, it takes up the space of the highest row it has generated before.

      The result is gaps between my rows.


      Does anyone of you have a solution for this, or a though about it?


      Note: it seems that I cannot use itemRendererFunction since this slows everything down very much, because I use virtualization.


      Thanks in advance.