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    Trouble with titles in Elements 9


      I have started using Adobe Premiere Elements 9 to compose DVD's

      with stills and video. It all goes pretty smoothly until I start to put titles in. It crashes my computer,

      or stops responding. I have plenty of memory and a fast computer. Also it says sometimes

      the memory is running low. If I don't put in titles it seems to do ok. I'm getting ready to start on an hour production and don't think I can handle the frusteration of having to start it up again and again. I've done all the updates I can find and it says its up to date. I'm very dissapointed right now. When I go to call someone they say the wait time is 2 HOURS! I don't have enough minutes on my cell plan for that. Is there an easy fix? Also can you apply random transitions to all? Couldn't find it anywhere and it's very time consuming to input over 700 transitions. Other cheaper versions on photo/dvd software has this. I got this because it was supposed to be the best. Hoping for a solution fast! Thanks

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you looking for a solution to your titles issue or with your issues with Tech Support, supermama? We can't help you with the latter, since we don't work for Adobe and have nothing to do with how the company is run.


          But as for your crashing issue, that depends on a lot of things. But we'll need much more information.


          What type of camcorder is your video coming from and how did you get it into your computer? When you started your project, which project settings did you select? If you selected the proper project settings for your camcorder, there should not be a red line above the clips on your timeline until you add effects to them. Is that the case?


          When clips do have red lines above them, do you press Enter to render them? (They will turn green and your computer's performance will improve greatly.)


          How fast is your processor and how much RAM do you have? Which operating system are you using? Have you ensured that you have even the non-critical updates as well as the latest version of Quicktime?


          How much free, freshly defragmented space is on your C drive? Are you working with more than one hard drive? If so, are all of your drives formatted NTFS rather than FAT32 (as they come from the factory)?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            When Titler crashes, one of the very first things to look at are the fonts, installed on the computer's OS. This ARTICLE will give you background and some tips.


            Good luck,