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    Link to URL not working in RH X5


      Good morning,


      A client asked me to include a hyperlink to an internal site of theirs.  After I gave them the WebHelp, they said the link doesn't work (I can't test it here as I work offsite without access to their intranet).  They said there is a space missing which would account for it not working.  The problem is I copied and pasted the URL into the project from the client's email.  Here is the URL copied from the client's email to me - you can see the 2 spaces between ACH and Forms.  :


      http://sharepoint.myfirstnet.com/TreasuryManagement/ACH%20%20Forms/Product%20Information/T raining/ACH_SEC%20Explained.doc


      When I right-click on the link in my topic and check the link properties and when I look at the code on the True Code tab, I can see the 2 spaces (not the code for the spaces, of course, but you can tell there is an extra space) so assumed all was well. Yet on the client's end there is only a single space.  And if I copy the link from the True Code tab in RH and past it here, for example, or into an email, it comes out like this:


      http://sharepoint.myfirstnet.com/TreasuryManagement/ACH Forms/Product Information/Training/ACH_SEC Explained.doc


      The double space has been replaced with a single space.  I can't explain how or why that would be changed after I put in the hyperlink.  Is there something about HTML or RH in particular that doesn't allow double spaces so removes one?


      Thanks for any help.