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    Putting my FillFunction in a Package for Reuse

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      I fully expect this is an easy one but I can't seem to crack it


      I have a fill function for a PieChart that I seem to use all over the place, so a want to shove it into a package for reuse.  Sadly I've hit bit of a wall with Syntax.


      Initially I put it straing into the class, but constructors can't return so I have messed about and now I dunno whats going on...


      my current error is 'In initializer for 'fillFunction': type com.rsagroup.flex.cmiportal.renderers.Rags is not assignable to target type Function. '

      Any ideas or suggestions?  I cant seem to get at the function RagsFill.


      Pie Code:











                               <renderers:RollOverWedgeItemRenderer />                         




                          <mx:SeriesInterpolate duration="1000"/>




      what would be my package


      package com.rsagroup.flex.cmiportal.renderers


           import mx.charts.series.items.PieSeriesItem;

           import mx.graphics.IFill;

           import mx.graphics.SolidColor;

           import com.rsagroup.flex.cmiportal.renderers.Rags;


           public class Rags


                public function Rags():void




                public static function RagsFill(element:PieSeriesItem, index:Number):IFill


                     var c:SolidColor = new SolidColor(0xf7ba48); 

                     var item:PieSeriesItem = PieSeriesItem(element);


                    //Chart is RAG  - then derive colour from item.item.RAG


                   if (item.item.RAG == "Red")

                     c.color = 0xFF0000;   

                  else if (item.item.RAG == "Amber")

                     c.color = 0xf7ba48; 

                  else if (item.item.RAG == "Green")

                      c.color = 0x1bea15 ;                           

                return c;