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    Deploy AIR files to Samsung TV


      Hello everyone,


      We managed to get hold of a new Samsung TV that support AIR. I followed the few example files out there that show how to setup an AIR for TV file in Flashbuilder and my packaged export is an .airi file. So far so good.


      The problem I'm having though is how to deploy this file to the TV. I tried copying it to a usb key but can't find a menu item to import it. Even when logged in with a developer account into smartTV.


      Also tried to deploy via apache webserver as you do with html widgets, but no success.


      Does anyone know how to deploy AIR files to a Samsung TV?


      Thank you

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          Which model?


          There seems to be several SmartTV Samsung versions out there, and they don't all support the same APIs.


          I'd like to get my hands on a Samsung BluRay player that could run AIR, but they don't disclose which ones do/will.


          Even if you get such a device, does it support it now, or will it need a firmware upgrade?


          Adobe claims they will announce commercially available devices the first half of this year, which technically is the end of this month.



          Trying to get info from Samsung, Google(TV) or Adobe on this subject has been fruitless so far.


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            Jeff Taps

            any word on which versions of the samsung smart tv will support AIR yet?

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              abeihl Level 1

              Wow, finally found something.

              You'd think Adobe and Samsung would try harder to keep developers informed.



              http://www.samsungdforum.com/Board/FAQView?BoardID=46201 :


              Dear developers,

              We support AIR for TV in 2011 Platform.

              but this is only supported on several advanced model.

              Currently support (Updated 7/1)


              - LED D8000 / D7000 / D6750 / D6530 / D6100

                PDP D8000

              - LED D6750 / D6530 / D6100


              - D6900 / D6500 / D7000 / D8900 / D7500 / D8500M

              Although there is some question as to the D6500.
              "So, either the BD-D6500 DOES run AIR for TV and Samsung hasn't made the firmware available yet, or Samsung themselves are confused as to which of their models really runs AIR for TV. Either way, not a very good experience for us developers."