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    Debugger starts allways one times




      I have read many hours and many articles but i cannot find the problem. I think it is with the Ports but for me it seems that all settings are correct.


      In CF Administrator is Port 5005 and Line Debug is activated. The are as decriped in many articles and in the help. The Firewall does not blocks Port 5005 (and I have tried with deactivated).


      I can start the debug in CF Builder one time only correctly. When I will start a second time the debugger hangs and says cannot connect to RDS Server, (Unable to connectto RDS Server) but the RDS runs correctly as I can see in my databases, RDS Dataview shows all databases correctly at the same time.


      I am greatfull for any ideas.

      Regards Roger

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          Sean Coyne-cKxAXa

          After you start the debugger the first time, do you ever stop it?  If you try to run it again without stopping it will not be able to connect as the first instance is still connected.

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            UruSimba2003 Level 1

            Hello Sean


            Thank you for your interest. It is this way when I start the debugger I can work with it as long as I want. I thought that I had to stop it each time. When I stop it (stop button) then I cannot connect another time without restarting the PC as described above. I have tried to stop the debugger in ColdFusion Server Administrator and it did not work either.




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              Sean Coyne-cKxAXa Level 1

              CF 9?  Have you installed the 9.0.1 updater as well?


              Standalone, Multi-server, or J2EE install?  Running on JRun if the J2EE install?


              I have to say, I am stumped.  I have run the debugger many, many times, on all different configurations and have never seen it have an issue like that.

              Can you start CF from the console, and see what kind of messages you are getting when the debugger starts and stops. You should see messages that the debugging service started, connected, etc.

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                UruSimba2003 Level 1


                Yes CF9 with Update 9.0.1, Standalone on Win64 with IIS. Istalled on the default locations.




                According to your questions I came to the solution that the problem was in CF server and not in CF Builder. I have completely deinstalled and reinstalled the CF server and it works well now.


                Thank you for your assistance I am happy.