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    Flex Mobile SDK - Access Phones Signal Strength




      I am developing a phone application with the new Flex 4.5 SDK for mobile (Android) applications.  I have a mapping component to the app, and i have been easily able to get the 'Geolocation' classes from the Flash.Sensors namespace.  Also included is the accelerometer.  This is all great, that we can take advantage of some of the phone features.


      What i would like to do is be able monitor the phones signal strength (i.e., got 1 bar or 4 bars, etc.), and when signal strength is low (no cell coverage), i want to alert the user and let the know the live mapping may be slow, or just turn it off.  I have not been able to find in the SDK how to get information about the cell signal strength or battery level (another handy thing to know) for that matter.


      If anyone has any ideas, that would be great.  I know in the Android SDK (for Java) they do have access to most of the hardware on the phone, but just not sure if that has been exposed in the Flex SDK yet.