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    Can anyone answer my question? I'm ONE STEP away from using Premiere. Tears for Answers


      I have my Camera/VTR connected via FireWire to my MacBook Pro computer.

      The Mac is running OSX 10.5.8. with 4G of RAM.  I'm also using Adobe Premiere CS 5.5.0


      The footage was shot at 720_24p on a Panasonic AJX-900 HD camera. At this point software wise, everything seems operational. No crashes or warnings.


      That said, when I follow the manual, it tells me to hit F5 which will activate the capture menu. From there you have two options from a drop down menu. Either 'HD' or 'DV'. The Adobe CS guy told me to choose 'HD' as does the manual and various online sources. According to this info., the signal should come right on through. It doesn't.


      In my experience with 'FCP', you must also enter more info such as what resolution or codec was used in shooting the footage. Adobe takes you no further than what is noted above.


      At this point, there is a "wrong input format" message at the top of the capture menu screen. This at least tells us we have made a recognizable connection and that there must be a way of entering the correct, missing information. Otherwise, I would hope we would have gotten a different error message. Don't know if there is one


      Also, Premiere wants me to set both a device manufacturer as well as the model number of the device. I have 'Panasonic' selected , but it does not list the model number of the device we own. This part shouldn't matter though. All I really need is the "switch" to route the info internally as the VCR is playing back perfectly.


      BTW, when I quit Adobe Premiere and start Final Cut Pro, Final Cut works just fine which at least eliminates the camera connection to the MacBook Pro as a suspect.