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    How to search a pdf of a price list using Adobe Reader


      Our company has almost three hundred thousand unique part numbers.   Because we have so many part numbers, we do not list every single part number on our price list, but instead we use "underscores" to allow customers to input the exact size they want because the price is the same no matter what the size is.  For instance, on our price list, we show the part number as "SC2342_ _ _".  We allow the customer to fill in the exact size they want on the underscores which could be anything from 001 to 999.  We have our price list in PDF format and we want them to be able to type the complete part number of their tool and have the adobe reader search (or find) function find the price on the list even though it is not literally the same.  The problem is when they type in their complete part number listed on the tool they want to reorder, which, as in the example above might be SC2342015, the search returns "zero" finds because it can not determine we want it to locate SC2342_ _ _, or make a "word" of any kind out of this alpha/numeric code that is not literally located on our price list.  Even the advanced search function does not appear to provide any options that I see that will help us in this instance.  Does anyone have any ideas regarding this matter?