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    Master layout of PPT is not imported into Captivate


      Hi! I


      have a problem which only occurs with Captivate 5 (with Captivate 3 and 4 it worked without any problems): when I import PPT-slides (PPT 2007) into Captivate, the slides are imported BUT the master layout of the PPT is gone (see Screenshot). Where there should be a background picture/header, there is a blank space. Which means: all the headers, title slides...are not displayed in Captivate. When I edit the slides in powerpoint from within Captivate, I see those layouts. When I publish it as Flash, you can very slightly see the silhouette of the original layout, but just for a nano second. It seems as if the program tried to display it but doesn`t succeed

      I have no idea wether this is a problem of the layout of my PPT master slides (they were designed for my insitution) or if it is a bug at Captivate. I just wonder why it worked with 3 and 4, but not with 5. It´s such a useful thing to import PPT slides but at the moment I cannot recommend it to any of my colleagues at university, as it means more effort to rebuild the layout in Captivate.


      Does anyone have the same problem or an idea what´s the reason for that problem?




      Captivate PPT Import Background.png