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    Issues with 1080i footage


      Hi all,


      I was given a batch of DVCPROHD 1080i 60i footage to edit (shot on a Panasonic P2 camera, so all files are .mxf), and I'd like to color correct them first before I begin editing.


      The problem here is, I can't seem to make my comp fit the footage? I've tried simply making a new comp to the exact specs, but it always comes out cropped regardless of codec.


      This is my first time working with 1080i footage, so I'm a bit unfamiliar with the workflow here.  Can someone please enlighten me?





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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Your footage isn't actually 1920x1080, it's something 1440x1080 or perhaps even 1290x1080; pixel aspect ratio, y'know.  Drag a clip onto the Make Comp icon at the bottom of the project panel, and AE makes a comp that's just right for it.


          Typically, people do color correction AFTER editing because by doing so there's less rendering to do in AE.

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