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    catalys corrupt .fxp...cant load in FC?


      I had a FC file go corrupt and will no longer load....


      Can anyone have a look at my code in FB and see if they may be able to fix / delete the code on the last button I was was working on...which was getting 'buggy' and I saved out, but when reloading FC throws a load error "fxp invalid cant be opened' oooof!


      I prety sure it's from a code error, if I wasnt so far into it, I would just start over (which is what i may have to do anyway) but if anyone may be able to help, I would so appreciate it. the files are here http://burningvisions.com/client/siteTests/ The last thing I was working on was a button called 'play showreel'... I tried to link it to a local url in the interactions window and thats where it all went funky.... the window hung, I could still nav around but the interaction window would not do anything, even when selecting other buttons etc. Then I saved (the big mistake!) and that was the end of literally days of work..


      FC should have an auto save feature like premier where you can save a copy every XXminutes...would of saved many people much lost time I'm sure


      fxp is BVP site.fxp