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    Can someone help me with Premiere Elements 2?


      I have been working on a slide show for my son's class graduation. This is the second time I've used PE2 to create a slide show, so I am not very good at it!  I completed my slideshow (which contains about 100-150 photos, 1 video and audio) I burnt a dvd last night and when I played it back I noticed that the photos were a little grainy so I tried to render it. I did this by clicking "render work area" under the "timeline" tab. Now I have about 40 black "slides" where a photo used to be!! They're spread out throughout the timeline - If I right click on the black screen in the timeline and then choose "edit original"  I can see the missing photo!  I am suppose to present this at school tomorrow - I would really appreciate some help.  Thanks!