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    In need of help applying 'minor' stabilization to DSLR clip.


      Hi gang. I am brand new to AE. My head has already exploded, of course.


      I am working on a very short short film/comedy that has a great deal of short clips shot with a Canon 60D in 1080p/24. Handheld.


      My desired look is in my short, but a few clips are just two darned jumpy. However, in trying to Stabilize them in After Effects by tracking one particular element on screen I get an image that will have to be heavily cropped and also looks just downright WEIRD because it has too much stabilization.


      I've got a PC running Adobe CS5. Not 5.5. Don't have any more money to upgrade at the moment.


      Here is one clip that needs to be steadied a bit. Not a lot. Just enough to make it less jumpy.


      Yes, the clip is of two girls' rearends, but there IS a reason for this and everyone who has watched the rough cut has laughed, so I know this will work. Just need some more stable footage.


      The question is, by what method can I add just a little bit of steadiness? I'm not getting it so far. This clip has so much movement over the X and Y axis that AE goes hog wild and makes it look like a CGI shot. To be clear, the clip here is the original (compressed by YuoTube) and not the AE'd version, which I never save because it just looks so wrong.


      Thanks much, gang.