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    Flash IDE not compiling movieclips with "export for actionscript"


      I'm having a really odd problem with Flash CS5 where I'm getting random compiling errors for movie clips that are exported for actionscript. These are simple graphics that will be created at runtime. Nothing special.


      When I first open the project it gives errors for all the symbols in the project, but if I open and save the settings dialog the errors go away. Sometimes I have to go into individual symbols and check/uncheck the "export for actionscript" box. This is a AS2/Flashlite project.


      Anyone else having these errors? I tried to "save as" the project and clean the ASO cache. No luck.


      Here's an example of the error:


      Symbol=movieBkgrdSmall, layer=Layer 1, frame=1, Line 1    The class or interface 'movieBkgrdSmall' could not be loaded.