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    splashScreenImage for mobile in FB4.5

    Richard_Abbott Level 3

      Hi all,

      I have a question about use of splashScreenImage for mobile in Flash Builder 4.5. I have no problem setting one up and using it in the various modes for an Android phone (Android 2.2), which typically is running in portrait mode. However, deploying the same app onto a tablet (Android 3) in landscape mode leaves the splash image oriented the same way, ie sideways on this orientation. The app itself has autoOrients = true in the xml descriptor file, and indeed correctly auto-orients on both phone and tablet once you get into the main app file itself. Holding the phone in landscape shows the same behaviour so I am convinced it is not a o/s issue.


      Now, I noticed while doing some searches before posting this that some of the Blackberry forums allude to a way of defining two splash images, one each for portrait and landscape, but have seen no mention of this for Android. I tried setting up two states landscape and portrait in the main app file and then doing splashScreenImage.landscape and splashScreenImage.portrait, but although the editor allowed this the compiler did not.


      Any suggestions welcome,

      Richard Abbott

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          Richard_Abbott Level 3

          Well, to answer my own question, as it were, there does not seem to be any way of reorienting the splash image just using tags and properties of the mobile app. Looking around at the work of some other developers who are using FB4.5 for mobile, it does seem to be a common problem. I suspect we will see a lot more of it as people start to develop increasingly for tablets.


          However, going back to the old fun we used to have with custom preloaders works a treat. Of course you can still do animations showing load progress and such like, but I am using the custom preloader purely to ensure correct orientation of the splash image. A very simple preloader will put up the splash image and hold it there for whatever time interval you want after load has finished. Until Adobe put some additional code around the splash image orientation then this seems to be the only resolution.


          If anyone does have a good answer that doesn't involve custom preloaders I'd be interested to hear,



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            Evtim Georgiev (Adobe) Level 2

            Hi Richard,


            You're right, the splashScreen in 4.5 doesn't change orientation and it's not possible to set different images for landscape/portrait.  In 4.5.1, that was just released, we've updated the splashScreen to reorient like the app normally does, though it's still not possible to specify different images for portraint / landscape.  As you've figured out already the work-around is to use a custom preloader.


            We've seen requests for a more customizable splashScreen out of the box and we're planning to have that in the future.



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              Richard_Abbott Level 3


              that's good news, thanks for the update for 4.5.1 - it'll save me a bit of time and fidldling around!