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    Premiere Elements 9 PC to Mac

    macuser2000 Level 1

      I have a Premiere Elements 9 PC project that I would like to edit on my MAC.


      Doesn't want to open - is it compatible?


      And if not compatible - would I be able to open it in Premiere Pro for Mac?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Unfortuntely, a PC PREL (Project file) will not open on a Mac, and vice versa.


          Now, a PREL will often Open in PrPro version that is contemporary with the PrE version - with certain limitations. If you have a recent PrE version, a recent PrPro version, and a simple PrE Project, you might be able to Open those, across the two programs.


          As far as being X-platform with PrPro, I have never read of anyone testing that. If it works, please report.


          Good luck,