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    Import (XF-300) MXF spanned clips in 5.5 - how?

    Brett Delmage Level 1

      Adobe claims:

      "Enhanced Canon XF native support

      Preview Canon XF footage  in the Media Browser panel and utilize camera metadata throughout your  preproduction and post-production workflows. Spanned clips are displayed  as a single asset in the Media Browser, reducing clutter."


      I say: Ok, how?


      The online man page instructions for "Importing assets from tapeless formats" simply doesn't work. Selecting a single clip of a span imports that one clip. Selecting all the clips or a parent directory of the clips imports all the clips as separate clips - just like they appeared in PP5. It does not import mutiple copies, as Adobe claims will happen.


      So it looks like "Enhanced Canon XF native support" claims are bogus, or maybe just poorly implemented.


      What conerns me is that Adobe's help pages don't even reference XF format.

      At this stage, it looks like Adobe Premiere Pro fails to properly support Canon XF-300/305, just as Premiere Pro 5 did.



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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hi Brett,

          Thanks for your post. I'm the documentation person for Premiere Pro, so I'll be sure to update Help with info on the Canon XF format.

          Did you import the first spanned clip from the Media Browser?

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            Brett Delmage Level 1

            Kevin, thanks for your prompt response.

            I've finally had the time to try this again and understand it.


            I wasn't using the media browser. I was using the import function from the Project panel, which is how I have always loaded clips. I had never used the media browser and assumed that one ended up using it anyway no matter which front end used for import.  i.e. I thought the media browser was simply the back end file selector dialogue.


            So I see that (only) the media browser will import spanned clips as one unified clip into the sequence, which is an improvement for sure. I do think that import of the Project panel should work the same way.


            I initially had a problem though, as my top level directory above the numbers clip dirs was not CONTENTS. It had to be renamed to avoid conflict with other CONTENTS clip set in the same project. So the media browser refused to load the spanned clips together, but would allow me to load a single clip. It wasn't until I guessed, and renamed my top dir back to CONTENTS that things worked and the the View as dropdown showed the magic Canon XF option.


            I suggest this implied requirement be made clear in the manual, noting that the top dir must be named CONTENTS for this to work. Yes, I believe that's the MXF standard, but many people will rename their parent directory so multiple cards can be copied into the same project directory, instead of having yet another single-entry directory above the CONTENTS directory, like CARD1 CARD2 etc.


            I beieve that the software is at fault and should be changed - if it can see mutliple numbered MXF dirs at the same level, it should simply deal with them. I know you can't fix that, but please warn people.


            Anyway, thanks again for your reply. It got me on the correct path to a solution.



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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              people will rename their parent directory


              That's a no-no with solid state media.  The entire folder contents of the card need to be transferred over as is, without alteration, for things to work properly inside of PP.


              I beieve that the software is at fault and should be changed


              I believe the camera makers are at fault, and it should be changed.  Using the MXF container, there is no reason to have any folder structure whatsoever.  All data can be contained in a single file.  Canon got this part right with the 300 and 100 cameras.


              Using the NTFS file system for the card, there is no need for spanned clips. (Except when moving from one card to the next.  And the 'spanned' info is easily stored inside each file's header, still not requiring any type of folder structure.)  Canon got this part wrong by clinging to the inferior FAT32 for Mac compatibility.

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                Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                Thanks, and glad you got going again. I'll make a note to update documentation with a warning to not alter the naming of the CONTENTS folder. Best of luck with your project.

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                  Wow, this thread answered my spanned clips question perfectly.


                  Now here is a curveball question.... For many of our projects we produce Same Day Edits.  This requires us to shoot for 20 min on card A,  Then swithch to card B while "capturing" the footage from card A to the NLE.   And this swapping goes on all day.  If we can't rename folders, how do we keep things organzied so we are not recopying over the entire CONTENTS folder each time.




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                    Averdahl Level 3

                    Keep them in separate folders, such as:







                    Use the Media Browser to import the footage for the smoothest experience.



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                      See that the thread is old, but I do not want to do new for same thing.

                      Can anyone confirm that the above way be imported spanned clips, which are initiated on Card A and relay to Card B.

                      For me it does not work.

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                        ExactImage Level 3

                        Spanned clips are not implorted as a single file if they span cards.   Only clips saved within a single card are spanned.