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    ME ENABLER Plug In Missing

    Daniel Flavin Level 4

      Having received a pdf set which failed in our imagesetter, I have requested and received native CS2, Win, files. Opening with CS2 alerts that the ME ENABLER.RPLN is missing. I have not looked cosely at the file yet, I'll study for what may have caused the failure - uses of white, 0,0,0,0,, what not...

      As I move quickly to try and plate with the native file(s), any advice on what I should be watching for with this missing plugin?

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          macinbytes Level 4

          I would guess this is more up Harbs alley and relates to the ME (Middle Eastern) version of the application. Assuming all text is left to right, good old English and straight up in your PDF I'd say you can set all fazers to kill, PDF it and RIP that puppy. If it contains foreign right to left type or has some fonts that don't look like something you'd see on a day to day basis I'd maybe send them your preferred PDF joboptions file and hope they score a homerun with your workflow software.

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            Daniel Flavin Level 4

            To date, I've never replied from my email client at this machine..

            Crached ID twice thus far, but that may be the machine needing a refresh

            (this is my old CS2 machine)

            It's a invite and RSVP set, the original creator does much Hebrew so there's

            no surprise about the plugin. I do not see anything on the pdf or proofs

            that read right to left.

            Exporting inx's and refreshing...

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              Harbs. Level 6

              If there's no right-to-left you should be able to open and export to inx. Otherwise, it'll crash InDesign.


              If there's right-to-left properties or text, you'll either need CS2/CS3 ME or you can open it directly in CS4 or later...