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    Intervention time...

    Kristi Taylor

      I don't like complaining about the rating issues on Kuler...in fact IMO mentioning it only fuels the problem which is why I'm here and not there typing a comment but something very strange has been occuring on my account and I'm assuming others over a period of the past several months and I'm beginning to think the offending person might need an intervention or at least a hug or something.  For reasons unknown,  this poor soul regularly goes to my account to downrate my recent themes that already have a rating by giving each a single star...meaning they only dislike it if someone else does like it first which I admit I initally found amusing but the fact it's still going on months later now just makes me sad for them when I see all my 2.x rated themes.   I usually chalk this sort of thing up to the kiddies but in this case it seems more likely a tragically unhappy adult.  What healthy minded person chooses to spend their time in such a way?  What could possibly be the purpose of this selective negativity?  Is Kuler envy a real and treatable condition?


      Anybody else experiencing this too or know the wareabouts of this person so we can deliver the required hugs or for those geographally challenged perhaps send him/her a card and a nice tin of fresh cookies to try and help them outta whatever negative funk brings on this bizarre theme hating compulsive activity?

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          Kristi Taylor Level 1

          LOL, they're back...I suspected our offender might also stalk the discussion boards!  Appears I have even ticked them off enough to get an extra account or two just to make sure all my themes have 2 stars. Clearly they have no sense of humor about themselves...


          From me to you... it's only colors and there are more rewarding/less karma damaging ways to use the site

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            AllDayDev Adobe Employee

            Hi Kristi,


            Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We definitely do not want to encourage a negative experience in the Kuler community.


            Can you let me know (either here, or via a Private Message) what user(s) you have seen abusing the Kuler rating system?
            I'd like to investigate further to see what we can do to improve the situation.



            Kind regards,