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    How to make a Track matte on a text layer??

    kangana parker Level 1



      I have two text layers stacked one above the other. The top layer scales up and blows up to reveal the text layer down. I have tried to use the Text Layer above to the down below but it disappears and does not show any effect. The same effect shows up when I have a simple image and a text above it, as I watched a couple of tutorials on various on line resources, but does not show anything if the layer beneath is alos a text layer created in after effects.

      I know I am wrong somewhere.

      Please help me sir.



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I'm sorry, but I realyl can't picture what you are describing. Please provide screenshots of your timeline and the result and tell us more about what's involved. Generalyl it doesn't matter how you create such matte effects - they work wit hal layer types - but you may be using a specific effect, layer style or otehr feature that breaks this functionality and may requirte pre-composing or otehr techniques to compensate.