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    Editing AVCHD files in Premiere CS5 – juddery movement

    Kenny Powers


      Hi all,



      Just got a Panasonic HDC-TM900 camcorder – it shoots 1080p @ 50fps (PAL). The format is “.mts”, with AVCHD compression.



      Anyway, the issue I have is that when I import the files into Premiere CS5 to edit (Premiere says it supports the native files) – whenever the camera moving, the movement is very jerky, and also blurry during a pan. But when I play back the clip on the camcorder itself, or directly out of it via HDMI, it’s crystal clear with perfect movement.



      Firstly – I am making a composition that matches the clip settings.
      Secondly - my machine is very fast & can handle the files, so it’s not a processing issue.
      And thirdly, they still judder when rendered (as H.264) – so it’s not just an “un-rendered media” issue.



      Any Googling I’ve done seems to bring up similar issues with editing AVCHD files, but no solid solution yet. People are saying that I should transcode the files before importing into CS5 (but with no consensus on the format or software to use), and there is also a general consensus that AVCHD is a great playback format, but not the best for editing.



      And what’s also odd is that the Panasonic website seems to offer the EXACT software that would seem to fix my issue, but when I click the link it’s not there!


      See here: http://www.panasonic.com/business/provideo/avchd-home.asp



      Scroll down to “Software” and it says “AVCHD to P2 DVCPRO HD Transcoder” – editing P2 files would be ideal, as I’ve done this before off a P2 camera - but when I click the link, it brings me to a page with all sorts of software & utilities, but I can’t even find the words “AVCHD” or “DVCPRO” it mentioned on that download page!



      Any suggestions?