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    Scroll bar creation

    RankinImagery Level 1

      I am attempting to create a scroll bar for my text and am following the tutorial provided by Adobe.


      Problem: I am unable to select parts of the scroll bar (i.e. up arrow, bar, thumb) to convert their behaviour. I have followed the tutorial to the letter, but when it comes time to select each part of the scroll bar I only can select the entire scroll bar...not any one part.

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          If you have selected the artwork and converted it to a scrollbar and you then want to edit the parts, you can double click on the scrollbar graphic. That should open up the scrollbar to be edited. then you can select the layers and define the parts. Check the layers palette carefully to see if you have entered the scrollbar component.



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            RankinImagery Level 1

            I have converted artwork to scroll bar.  When it comes to making the scroll bar work correctly by editing and assigning its parts, it will not allow me to select 'thumb' or 'track'.  When I select the 'up' part of the scroll bar my only options are to "convert to button part" or "optimize artwork".


            I can select (or deselect) "thumb" or  "track" ONLY when the entire scroll bar is selected and everything is already checked.


            Bill Rankin

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              Kristin95762 Level 1

              Yeah, it should be easy, but I'm finding it aint.


              You select all your artwork and define the scrollbar, arrow, thumb, and track. The whole shebang. Then you should see an edit button in the HUD, which you would then use to define your parts. The arrow buttons (or artwork at the ends of the track) are treated as buttons. Define those as buttons.


              I'm having my own issues with the damned scrollbar. I got it to work ONE time. I go and tweek something, and shazaam! Not working anymore. This Catalyst thing is a big pain in the you know what.


              Trust me, you're doing what you should be doing. It's the software.



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                RankinImagery Level 1

                I've come to the same conclusion, it's the software.  I had the same results when I ran the project in IE.  It worked although the scroll bar was shorter than I had set it, but it worked.  When I tried to go back and reset the length, it stopped working.  I have shortened my text and reduced the font to make it fit without the scroll bar.


                There are a number of other odd things that happen.  After spending hours and hours on it, essentially testing the software, it's easy to come the conclusion of 'wonky' software.  I love the idea of Flash Catalyst and someday the bugs will be smoothed out, but until then...



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                  Kristin95762 Level 1

                  Hey, hows your scrollbar working out? Have you found a fix?


                  I finally got mine fixed. Turns out when I defined my datalist, the machinations of Catalyst created a larger than created bounding box which was inhibiting the use of the scrollbar. All I had to do was resize the bounding box and it worked.


                  But about your scrollbar resizing itself. I had the same issue which was quite annoying. I finally realized that the thumb and the track are being top and center-aligned. So, in your application of choice, align the tops of both graphics yourself, move it into place, and you won't have to worry about the shifting anymore.





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                    RankinImagery Level 1

                    I just reduced the font size so I didn't need the scroll bar. 


                    Thanks for the info, but I have to march on to the next stumbling block.  I will start attached FLV movies.  Hopefully, there will be no problems.



                    Bill Rankin

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                      I am getting the same problem.  I had a datalist working. Then I made some tweaks to the length of the scroll bar and now its broken.  Any ideas on where to look?

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                        RankinImagery Level 1

                        I was having several problems that did not make sense that I decided to abandon the Flash Catalyst software.