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    PDF with very large page size




      I find that the adobe reader cannot display large sized pdf pages.


      I am creating pdf's and have recently made one that has a page size of around 6m x 5m. Adobe reader loads the file but then displays a blank screen.  It is possible to get adobe to display the complete page if I manually tweak the view preferences - ie by changing the dpi setting for example (it doesn't matter what it's changed to, just changing it seems to be enough to have adobe display the page.)


      There seems to be a limit of ~5mx5m (200 x 200inches).


      I would like to know if there is a way to have adobe display the page - even if larger than 5m x 5m - without having the user manually tweak the settings each time they load a page.


      Perhaps there are special metatag(s) that adobe will recognise and go ahead and show the page anyway, even if larger then  5m x 5.


      Other pdf readers have no problem, and will display the full page as soon as it's opened.


      thanks for any help with this