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    Organizing Edited Clips in Project Panel using Premiere Elements 4

    Herc Silveira

      I am using Premiere elements 4.


      When I edit a clip either in the timeline or in the monitor panel is there a way to now put the edited clip in the project panel and collect the edited clips there for assembly later on. I have used Canopus Edius and you can assemble clips in what is called the bin and then reassemble on the timeline.scenceline later on, makes  for a nice workflow.


      I have tried multiple times to drag the edited clip to the Edit/Project panel to no avail. I have read the help menu but it really does not address it.


      I am not running any other software while doing this, I am on 2 year  old Dell with vista just for info.


      It would seem to me you could edit and place in the project panel for later assembly on timeline would make sense as a workflow? I have looked at all pull down menus to try to move them as well but no luck?


      I know it must be something really simple can anyone help?


      We do alot of editing on Edius but this is our backup system and we would like to do simple task as above. We then would export them as a quicktime file and use the clips in another software called Proshow gold.


      Any ideas are welcome.


      Thank you,