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    Help with Adobe Dreamweaver tutorial (by David Powers)


      While using Adobe's Dreamweaver tutorial (Creating Your First Webstie by David Powers), I have come accross my only problem in step eighteen of part four.  The insctruction is as follows:


      "Once you've  added properties to all three    rules, press F5 or click  once in Design view to refresh the display.

      Look  what happened to the text. The h2 heading has turned                 blue; the h3 heading has been resized, and now fits on one line; and the                 paragraph text has been reduced in size (see Figure 16)."


      My problem is that the said changes to the text does not happen.  Step seventeen is a code meant to change the text as described above, and I have entered the text verbatum, checked it multiple times (it is entered correctly).


      Here is a link to the tutorial (part four): http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/first_website_pt4.html


      I have had no problems until then, and have done everything the tutorial has instructed.  It is extremely detailed and so everything leading up to to number eighteen should be correct.


      Cill someone please suggest to me what the problem is?

      Thank you.