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    Can't get flash to embed correctly


      Hello, I have tried a million different ways, nothing works.

      My main website is a .php file, so I am having trouble getting it to work.

      I embed using

      <object type='application/x-shockwave-flash' data='".THEME."images/my_flash.swf'
      width='725' height='300'>
      <param name='movie' value='".THEME."images/my_flash.swf' />

      but it just shows up as a white box flash. (with the flash watermark)

      if i load the flash directly, it works fine.

      my website is next-levelentertainment.com

      I asked before, but someone just told me to make the php code embed the swf into html, and I'm a beginner. that isn't english to me.

      They then closed the thread.