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    more on this content aware with Warp Stab. (going further, actually)

    Keith_Clark Level 2

      so i saw the little video that steve forde did on "what they never intended for warp stabilizer to do" and it got me thinking about another issue, and i was wondering if there is already anyway to fix these issues, or if it would even be conceivable to do via update/feature request....


      so say your shooting a video, and the location or event or what have you was just not condusive for a tri/mono pod, so you have to hold the camera, and say you had a good zoom-in on a subject and then either a)you lost balance, or b)had a hand cramp or spasm and caused the camera to jerk to the side for a moment or something, and you can't just "go back and re-shoot it" is there anyway to bring the footage in AE, cut out the frames that are effected leaving blank frames, and using a "pseudo content aware" to fill the frames with information that could have possibly belonged comparing frames before and after your cut?


      is there already a plug-in for this? if not, would this plug-in even be feasable to write? i realize it would probably be pretty cpu intensize, and probably not be able to pull it off exactly as how it would look had the shot never been affected... but just something that sounded interesting to dream....

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          Anything is possible and CAF for video is much requested, but temporal logic is tricky. There have been various tech demos over the years that deal with synthesizing missing frames based on various methods, but so far none have made it into a commercial product, at least not one that mundane people have access to. Whether or not Adobe will include such a technology at some point is an open question, anyway. As we all know, you won't know it until it's there and whether that be CS6, CS7 or later nobody can tell you...