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    Problem With DNG Converter

    i_am_jim Level 1


      I just installed the DNG converter and can't get it to work.


      When I first installed it, it let me go to the correct folder one time, but after that one time, when I click the Select Folder button I get this error message:


      "There is no disk in the drive.  Insert a disk into drive



      It makes no sense to me.


      I'm running Win 7 64bit

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I get a message like this, sometimes, not with the DNG Converter, but just in general, if I leave my card-reader plugged into my computer after I have removed my card, so the computer sortof sees it but not entirely. 


          From your description I would guess that the DNG Converter is remembering the location of your previous conversion and that was on a removable drive or other device, that needs to be plugged in, again.  What was the path for your successful conversion, initially?


          Can you do another conversion from another location or does the error prevent selecting a new location?

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            i_am_jim Level 1

            Thanks for your reply.

            I didn't go through with a conversion the first time.  I simply selected the folder where I put new images straight from the camera.  This folder is on a fixed (internal) drive.


            It will not let me choose a folder now.  The error comes up immediately on clicking the Select Folder button.


            I would uninstall and reinstall but I don't see the DNG converter in the Control Panels list of installed apps under either Adobe or DNG.

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              JimHess-ra2Osl Level 3

              The DNG converter is a single executable file.  There is no uninstall program required.  All you need to do is delete the DNG converter.

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                i_am_jim Level 1



                Then I've replaced it and it was no help.

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                  RASouthworth Level 3

                  When the error msg appears click on "Continue" and it will let you change the directory, at least mine did.


                  Added by edit - you have to click Continue on two error msgs to finally get thru.  And even after changing the directory one has to do a convert and finish with OK or the first error msg will continue to pop up, even though "Continue" gets you thru.


                  Adobe, time to clean this up.


                  Richard Southworth

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                    Jeff Schewe Level 5

                    RASouthworth wrote:


                    Adobe, time to clean this up.



                    You sure it's not an OS issue?


                    I've never seen that message on Mac.

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                      RASouthworth Level 3

                      I know of several apps, including Bridge and Photoshop that come up "gracefully" in Windows if the folder they were last selecting has been removed from the system.  So no, it's not an os issue, might be an os difference.


                      Richard Southworth