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    What happened to my scrollbar???

    Kristin95762 Level 1

      I had a functioning custom scrollbar in Catalyst CS5.5, and through the course of tweeking my design, the scrollbar has refused to work anymore. No matter how many times I redefine the datalist/scrollbar, it refuses to work. I've tried restarting Catalyst, all to no avail.


      The datalist may or may not accept mouse clicks, if it does I can arrow through the list, but I cannot drag the thumb. Sometimes neither the thumb or the arrow keys will work on the datalist.


      Why the squirrley behavior?






      Post script




      I got my scrollbar to work, before I attached it to the datalist. Once I attached it to the datalist, it was frozen again. There was plenty of data in the list. I could arrow through it and the thumb would move, but it would not let me drag with the mouse.


      What gives???