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    Interactive Flash design(HELP)


      Hi, I was wondering if it is possible to use catalyst to have interactive experience within flash.swf file.So let's say there is a textbox, button, and datalist(repeated) in this flash file. Once you run this,you can type anything you want in the textbox, click the button, and it will input that "string" from the

      textbox into the one of the array of the datalist.Is there a way to do this? By catalyst alone or flash builder, using actionscript or flex coding?

      XML, somehow connect to flash and live update the .xml? Do I need database locally/web using php and MySQL(send/receive the input and load the input to the datalist)?


      The best(efficient) and well easiest, I hope, solution/tutorial/assistance will be appreciated


      Another similiar interactive experience would be like having virtual keyboard within flash swf. Like A button would input string "A" into a given rectangular field.


      Thank you,