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    Always showing the table of contents

    Sasha Miller Level 1
      We use a Google application to allow our users to search our Knowledge Bases. The Google application "crawls" the directories the WebHelp is published to and returns links that look like so, where x is the drive the project is published to:

      x:\project name\topic name.htm

      With RoboHelp 7 (7.0.3, to be exact), clicking this link opens the topic with the table of contents and navigation panes hidden. This isn't a problem for links that appear like so, where x is the drive the project is published to:

      x:\project name\project.htm#topic name.htm

      Is there any way to set up these topics so that, when they're clicked from the Google search results, they open with the table of contents appearing?
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Sasha

          Unfortunately there is no way I can fathom you could make this happen using the Google method you are describing. At least not without modifying the WebHelp output files after you generate them.

          Note that when you generate WebHelp you have an option titled "Show navigation pane link in topics". This option causes some JavaScript to be injected into each topic when you generate the WebHelp. Basically each page receives scripting that does the following: As the page loads into the browser it performs a check to see if it is being loaded up inside the WebHelp frameset. If that's the case, there is no need to do anything further. If the topic isn't inside the frameset, an additional link is added that allows the user to click that will open the WebHelp frameset and surround the topic with the Toolbar and Navigation Pane.

          If that option isn't enabled, perhaps it will help to enable it? Then if the user finds the page they want, they simply click the "Show" link to surround the topic with the WebHelp frameset. If you don't like seeing "Show" and want something different, such as "Show Navigation", you may do that as well. Click File > Project Settings > General tab > Advanced button > LNG file tab and you will see a long list of things that may be changed. Scroll to the section labeled [Common] and change Show=Show to whatever you like. Perhaps Show=Show Navigation or Show=Show with Frameset.

          You could also probably amend each topic so that if it is about to open with the "Show" link present it would instead simply execute the code to open the WebHelp frameset. But that would be just a bit involved.

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            Can you open the Google app in the topic pane? If you can, you might get the result you want. I have set up what you want using ZoomSearch as described on my site. Maybe you could employ the same idea?