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    Creating a CNN, Sky type news ticker




      I have a three minute video and would like to add a news ticker that will loop once during the three minutes. The ticker text is considerable. Before I used to use Sony Vegas. A video I created using Sony Vegas is at http://youtu.be/bmcXM7fE6s0 (jump to 35 seconds into the footage for the ticker at the bottom).


      I managed to get credits type text (scrolling vertically) with Premiere Pro but cannot figure out the ticker. Although I've done an introductory Lynda.com course on Premiere Pro this is my first attempt at producing something with Premiere to upload to youtube and am a newbie in this product.


      I would be greatful if anyone can point me to a text or video tutorial on this item.




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Use the titler, enter your text and set the crawling options as you like. Experiment a bit and you will see that it is pretty easy. You can influence the speed of the crawl by extending or shortening the title duration.

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            Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            More detailed steps:


            • Create a new Title (right-click in the project area, click the icon, etc.)
            • Set it to the sequence dimensions (the default)
            • Choose the Type tool (the T symbol) - NOT the Area Type tool.
            • Click once at the bottom-left of the screen, at the vertical position where you want the ticker to be.
            • Pick the font, size, color, fill, etc on the properties tree that now displays.
            • Click again on the small vertical box marking the position of the type box, you'll see it flash as the cursor wakes up.
            • Copy and paste your ticker text - it must be all on one line, so it helps to copy it from a text editor.
            • The text box will enlarge to fit, so it'll extend waaay off the right side of the window.
            • Click the Roll/Crawl options tool (the second icon below the name of the title on the panel tab, a set of lines with a vertical arrow)
            • Choose Crawl Left, and (usually) start/end off screen.
            • Click OK and close the titler window.
            • Drop the new title onto the sequence timeline and stretch it out to set the in/out points, and hence the crawl speed.



            If you want a lower third background graphic behind the text (anything other than a plain fill), you'll need to put that in another video track beneath your ticker title - everything in your ticker title will crawl.

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              _chribonn_ Level 1

              Thank you. It worked. I'll post a link once I upload the finished work to youTube.


              While I am only an amature at creating videos (I'm more adapt at creating the unedited content) I must say that I felt more comfortable using Premiere Pro to Vegas. This may in part because I am familiar with other Adobe products such as Photoshop and that I sat through training.


              Thanks to everyone again.

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                _chribonn_ Level 1

                Thank you to everyone for your help. The finished product is at