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    Unable to print first page


      Hello everyone,


      I have an issue Im unable to find an answer for online.  So I hope someone has an answer for me. 


      There is an issue where sometimes when converting an MS Word document to a PDF file, the 1st page won't have a page number.  Now the file works in every way except one; when trying to print selected pages the first page won't print.  Any page combination works fine except the 1st.  Trying to print the 1st page will actually print the 2nd page onwards.


      With large files with lots of pages, this is an issue.


      I have tested such pdf with others and its the same issue.


      Company uses Adobe Reader 9.4.0.  No, it won't be upgraded anytime soon.


      Also, printing as an "Image" doesnt seem to work.  Although I wasn't the one who tested this.


      Is there a way to add a page number to a pdf?    Or a work around to get the first page printed?


      The only work around I can think of is to create a Word file and add all the "first pages" here as a reference for printing.