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    My reader is not shown on the sidebar of Adobe Digital editions


      I bought several books and would like to transfer them to my SONY PRS-505 using Adobe Digital Editions but when I plug my Sony reader to my computer, the reader is not shown in the side bar. I precise that I autorize the computer succesfully (If I click on Library autorize computer the app is saying that it is autorized).

      So what I'm doing wrong?

      Would like to precise that I also have the reader libraryfrom Sony corporation isnatlled and maybe it's creating an incompatibility....


      Any help would be appreciated.



      System software: iMac 10.6.7 Sony PRS-505 Adobe digital Editions 1.7.2 Reader Library 3.3.0

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          Authorising the computer via ADE does not affect the reader, just the

          computer.  Since you are already authorised, the problem is somewhere else.

          I don't know everything you've done, but let me give you some of the steps

          that seem to work for others.  I am not a MAC person, so I will do this in

          general terms, and hope you have enough skill with the MAC to know what to

          do.  You may have done all of these steps and if so, then you have a

          different problem.


          First, you must attach your PRS-505 to your MAC so that the MAC recognises

          it as a disk drive.


          Next, you must go to the SONY Store and create an account, or login to it.

          When you have logged in, the SONY Store will look for an attached device -

          your PRS-505.  It will register the device with the SONY Store, and also

          update a small file on the reader with user information including the

          registration.  This is key for Adobe Digital Editions (ADE).  When this is

          done, the SONY Store will go to a "ready" state, which is when you would go

          look for books to download, etc.  Instead, log out of the SONY Store, but

          keep your PRS-505 plugged into the MAC.


          Now, open ADE.  As ADE opens, it looks for attached devices just like the

          SONY Store did, and when it finds one, it will check that file to see that

          the reader is authorised.  ADE will then display the reader in the left hand

          panel of Library view, and activate it for you to work with.  The PRS-505

          will display a small circle with two arrows in it, which means that it is

          communicating with ADE.  Now you can drag and drop books from ADE to your



          When you are done, shut down ADE first.  The PRS-505 will finish its

          internal update and the small circle will disappear.  At that point, you can

          eject the reader or disconnect it from your MAC.  This process is

          important.  If you just pull the plug before the PRS-505 has finished its

          update, it will corrupt some files.


          I hope this helps!


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            Thanks for such a long and detailed answer. I really appreciate.

            Still impossible to see my Sony on ADE left sidebar even following your steps. My computer is well autorized in ADE....

            Quite desperate...

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              I have the same problem - reader does not show on the pane. I have tried everything suggested, and even called Sony for help. They recommended I upgrade my reader - I did so even though it was running the latest version. I even checked to see that my email address at Sony matched the email adrress at Adobe. Still no luck. Once you decide to go to this modern system for reading you better be prepared to jump through hoops and spend lots of time!


              Can anyone suggest what else one can try???

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                GordM64 Level 1

                Well it sems  that since I have juped through the hoops, I was now able to drag & ddrop the book onto my eBook without incident. It still does not appear on the Digital Editions list. But it is now working.