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    Instant HD in Premiere Pro CS5


      I read with great interest the sage advice proffered by Mr Hunt, Mr Brougham, Mr Millaard, Mr Simon and Miss Benns in this forum on so many topics. Can you help with this one please? I downloaded a demo version of Red Giant's Instant HD for Premiere CS5  to try out. I have a batch of SD ckips that I would like to apply it to.


      I have it correctly installed (Ithink) but cannot find it :-) Is it a stand alone or a plug in? Where might the little devil be hiding ?


      It looks like a great piece of software and I would love to give it try.


      Thank you.


      My system is (in case the question arises):


      Core i7 @ 3.06Ghz
      GTX 470 Graphics card
      12GB Ram (expandable to 24GB)
      500GB system drive
      2x500GB RAID0 drives for editing
      850W Power supply
      Blu-ray burner
      Windows 7 Pro