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    Best HD editing format (want to drop Matrox)

    AdamJRead Level 1

      In a bit of a quandry here.


      My goal is to be able to edit HD without the yellow line (which allows real time playback, but still needs rendering).


      Historically, I've captured/transcoded using the Matrox codec.  This allows me to introduce lots of layers etc, but... a scale adjustment to the clip and/or the introduction of something as simple as a cross disolve introduces a yellow bar across the footage in question.  Is this normal?


      So I've experimented with both Cineform and Lagarith, and I still get the same behaviour.  My clips are 1920 x 1080 25P.


      More puzzling is that if I drop the cineform clip onto the new item icon, the new sequence and clip also has a yellow bar.


      I am running one of the Cuda approved cards in my system, 16gb Ram, CS5.03, Win7 etc (i.e. I believe my systems is up to spec albeit not the fastest in the planet).


      What gives?


      Is this yellow bar thing an inherent feature of PP/CUDA, or is there a 3rd way?


      Thanks in advance