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    Strange highlighting behavior with Library books and reinstall?


      I have a Nook Color and Windows 7.  B&N has exchanged my Color Nook twice ....but .............I am beginning to think that the problem is with ADE or something else. 


      When I am reading a Library book, about 10 to 15 minutes into the book, I will get some word/words highlighted in the "lookup" form...and then the menu appears.  I can't actually look up a word...the Nook just freezes.  I put the Color Nook to "sleep", turn it back on, and all is well for about another 10 minutes.


      This is happenning with multiple libraries in different states.  So......either it is a glitch in my installation of ADE or it is a problem that the libraries are having.


      I was wondering if anybody else has had this issue.  I don't get any error messages when I download a book.


      I am thinking that I need to reinstall ADE...but am not sure if I will end up getting myself into more trouble.  I also have ADE on my Netbook (rarely use it). I am concerned that I will use up all my "devices" trying to uninstall and reinstall.........and don't know if that will fix the issue. 



      Also, WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU FORGET YOUR PASSWORD?  Is there a recovery function at ADE?


      Thanks for the help

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          Hi!  It sounds like you have set up your Nook and ADE so that they work

          together and with library software.  And if you can read other ebooks that

          aren't from a library on your Nook, then it's probably not a setup issue.

          So, I am thinking that the issues you're having deal with something in the

          ebooks themselves.


          ADE just copies the text from the source location to its library.  ADE does

          not edit or change the text in any way. Library book software can do certain

          things with the 'tag' file that contains publishing rights.  Chief among

          them is to set a time and date for expiration of the loan.  If your computer

          or Nook clock does not display the same time and date, it's possible that

          the information from the library is getting screwed up so that the Nook

          shuts down the ebook.  So, the first thing I'd suggest is to check the time

          and date settings in both places.  It would be interesting also to try and

          read the ebook on your computer via ADE and see if the same problem occurs.


          You could contact the library help desk and get information on what software

          they're using - that might point to an issue in it if it's the same software

          at multiple libraries from which you've downloaded ebooks.


          Hope this helps!


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            bolgos Level 1

            Just to clarify my explanation.  After the C.Nook freezes....I put it to sleep

            ................wake it up........and then it works again until the next unrequested highlighting incident.


            B&N is sending me another "replacement" but I am now suspicious that the C. Nook is not the issue.  I have the latest software on the Nook.


            One of my frustrations is the lack of technical understanding for troubleshooting purposes on the part of Nook support.  It seems to me that Adobe and B&N and all the other Ebook manufacturers need to work on smoother software experience and some diagnostic programs.