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    Saved scripts steal the focus



      I made a giant leap from Macromedia MX 2004 to CS5, and one change that was made along the way is how saved scripts worked. It used to be you could save a set of commands and they would show up as an option under "Commands" in the batch process window. Now you save the script as a file and it shows up under the command menu. The end result is of course the same, but he major difference is that batch processing runs in the background whereas saved scripts steal the focus every time a new file is being processed.


      So that's my problem. I can see two possible solutions. Either would solve my problem.


      A: Is there a way to simply stop saved scripts from taking the focus?


      B: Is it possible to get saved scripts to once again display as options in the batch process dialogue?


      I'm using Fireworks CS5 on Win7. If anyone has a solution, I would greatly appreciate it.