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    Premier + I'm new + Sony HVR V1P = Many questions


      What up y'all?


      I have... several problems. My main one is I have no idea what I'm doing


      I've been self learning the ins and outs of Adobe Premiere, Photoshop and After Effects CS5 extended for a little while as my proffession requires me to have a small level of expertise of video editing, and I decided the more I had, the better I would do. Now a friend has asked me to perform a "small" favour and splice some footage of a trip he had to NZ with his Dad. Now I like the guy and owe him a fair bit so I'm looking to go all out.


      First problem, he has a Sony HVR V1P and long story short, it took me 3 weeks and eventually borrowing the camera and all the tapes to get the footage into a usable format.


      Now I've spent the last 3 days editing 8 different compositions, so I figured, time to get the first few into something a bit more manageable. I'm using Media Encoder to export out of Premiere, but have no idea what settings will be best. Eventually I want to to be as high definition as possible, likely on several DVDs, but also in a digital format. I just tried an export to 720p, which is what Premiere has as its default, but I got a lot of jagging throughout the whole clip, and I'm worried that it's going to look that way any time anyone plays it. Right now I'm trying an export as 1920x1080, but my computer only has a 1st gen quad and 6GBs of RAM, so yeah, 4hrs of waiting or so.


      This is a *right click - properties* of one of the clips in the timeline. I'm sure you'll all have a much better idea of how to interpret it.


      File Path: C:\Users\XXXXXXXXXXX\Desktop\Video Editing\XXXXXXXXXXXX\XXXXXXXX.mpeg
      Type: MPEG Movie
      File Size: 10.3 GB
      Image Size: 1440 x 1080
      Pixel Depth: 32
      Frame Rate: 25.00
      Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - compressed - Stereo
      Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo
      Total Duration: 00:56:23:22
      Average Data Rate: 3.1 MB / second
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.3333




      Regards, Richard.