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    Mask is causing animation to reset/stutter

    LuisRM Level 1

      For some reason when the mask fully reveals the art, the waves stutter  (frame 26) and restart their animation from frame 1. Can anyone tell me  why this is happening? I've included a link to download the CS4 flash file. Thanks!



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          I am experiencing a similar issue. I am using gotoAndPlay(label) to animate a mask in my mcMain movieclip. The layer beneath the mask contains a movieclip called mcColour with several frames with various colours. In actionscript I change the frame of mcColour using mcMain.mcColour.gotoAndStop(label). When I then try and animate mcMain with mcMain.gotoAndPlay(label) the mcColour movie clip reverts back to the first colour.


          My mask layer contains the animated key frames and the layer beneath it is only one keyframe that spans all of the animated keyframes of the mask.


          I'm not sure why this isn't working. Any help would be appreciated.




          Thank you