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    AdvancedDataGrid border - where did it go?


      I have an AdvancedDataGrid defined in my app. The width is explicitly
      specified, while the height is 100%. The width and minWidth values of the
      columns do not add up to a total greater than the grid width. I'm using the
      default skin, and it has a Hierarchical dataProvider.


      When the tab with the grid becomes visible (there's a slight fade-in transition
      between tabs), the border for this AdvancedDataGrid is gone. As soon as I make
      a slight adjustment to the width of a column or populate the dataProvider with
      values (it's null until the user makes a few choices in the UI), the border


      Not even sure where to look for the solution. I have another grid on a second
      tab defined the same way and it works fine. I've tried making the column widths
      narrower and making the explicit grid width narrower to no avail.


      Anyone ever seen this?