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    PhotoShop Pop Up halting script

    jay_2014 Level 1

      A little background.

      I wrote a script that turned photoshop into a web server. It takes parameters on a query string. These parameters tell the script how to modify an image. The server runs 24/7.

      My problem is the human factor creating issue that make photoshop generate a pop up.

      The last time it happened was because the the retoucher did not delete a text layer that they use for quality control. The server did not have the font so when it opened up the file it made a pop up. When the pop ups happen the script halts and the only way out is to deal with the pop up.Due to the fact it is opened via script I should get the response via script error handling. Because of this halting issue I can't even do any error handling, Actually nothing can be done until the pop up went away.


      My question to you all.

      Is there a way to disable this font issue pop up when I programatically open up a file.