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    Audio not sync

    paulpeper Level 1
      !! I made a mistake when I posted this: play(0,1) should be start(0,1) !!
      I am trying to publish a flash 8 movie with audio. The audio is
      causing me problems. Due to the timing to the internal clock of
      flash there are gaps in the audio stream. I have simplified my
      problem to this (please open the URL below since I cannot visualize
      it on this forum):

      link to where the problem is explained

      Code summary of an audio loop:
      snd1=new Sound(createEmptyMovieClip("sound1",1));
      snd2=new Sound(createEmptyMovieClip("sound2",2));

      Thanks very much for your reply, Paul
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          there are problems with syncing sound and flash, but that code should have much bigger problems than sound syncing. does your sound even start?

          if it does start do you have code elsewhere or sound attached to a movieclip frame? if you do, remove that code or sound attachment.and use snd1.start() etc.

          there is no play() method for sounds (unless you created one).
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            paulpeper Level 1
            sorry, I mixed up a few things. "snd1.play" should be "snd1.start" of course.