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    Datagrid and tooltip don't work with Flex 3 framework RSL

    mrs_bo_dana Level 1
      I have an application previously written in Flex 2.0.1. I've recompiled it under Flex 3, and fixed any breaking changes, but I now want to extract the framework as an RSL. I've tried 3.0.477 and 3.3 to no avail.

      Problem is: when I compile the app with the framework "Merged into Code", it works perfectly, looks beautiful.
      When I compile it with the framework as an RSL, numerous things go wrong:
      - all Tooltips stop working, appearing as little empty circles.
      - Datagrids start behaving crazily - the headers won't appear even with showHeaders=true and the headerText set for each column. The columns all appear empty despite having valid data in the dataprovider. I did manage to get one datagrid working by specifying a custom ItemRenderer for each column, but a second datagrid didn't work even with the itemrenderers.

      I'm really at my wit's end with this. Anyone know why these problems might be occurring?