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    Can't change filetype association back to CS5

    bpylant Level 2

      [FYI - similar post in the Acrobat forum.]


      We installed the CS5.5 upgrade  today, and for the time being I would prefer to open my existing InDesign docs with CS5.0, using 5.5 only when we receive v5.5 files.


      I  highlight an INDD file, Get Info, change Open With to InDesign CS5 and click  Change All. As soon as I'm done the dropdown switches back to InDesign CS5.5 (!!!), and nothing is actually changed in terms of what app OS X is using to open InDesign files.


      Am I missing something? Is  CS5.5 overriding the system perhaps? (An older version of Freehand  used to do this, which was super-annoying until they came out with a  patch to fix that and about seven hundred other things.) I'm really not sure if this is  an Adobe issue or an OS X issue, but I've never had trouble changing  filetype associations in the past.


      TIA for any tips!


      OS X 10.6

      Macbook Pro