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    Glossary in a RoboHelp HTML .chm not showing content on Win7


      I created a RoboHelp HTML .chm with a Glossary using RoboHelp6.
      My users with Windows 7 computers are unable to install and register the HHActiveX.DLL file and see the Glossary content. They are using the suggested procedure for WinXp but it does not work for Win 7.

      My users with WinXP are able to install the DLL and see the content under the Glossary Tab.


      My question is; what is the proper method for installing and registering the HHActiveX.DLL file on a Win7 machine?

      Or is there a different file needed on Win 7 to make the Glossary content visible?
      Note they can see the Glossary Tab but the content is blank.


      Here is the procedure that works on WinXP:



      1.      Copy/save the attached HHActiveX.DLL file to the root of C:


      To manually register HHActiveX.DLL: You can provide these instructions to your end users if you are distributing HHActiveX.DLL with your Help system.


      1. Click the Windows Start button, then select Run.
      2. In Open, type the following:

        regsvr32 <path> hhactivex.dll (specify the path of the HHActiveX.DLL)


              If the HHActiveX.DLL file is stored on the root of C: then I believe the command to type would be “regsvr32 C:hhactivex.dll”


      1. Click OK.


      Note: These instructions may require admin logon to complete.


      Thanks for any guidance.