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    Premiere Pro CS5 and i7-970 Processing Power


      Hey! I just built an incredibly fast windows 7 machine using an i7-970 6 core processor and 5870 1gb graphics card (ATI). I know that Nvidia would have been better but I didn't go that route (I was building a hackintosh then turned to Windows 7). Anyways I'm noticing that my renders are decently fast, but they could definitely be faster. I have a "gadget" that shows each core (and virtual core)'s usage as well as overall CPU usage. In the photo below you'll see the processor usage while rendering a 1080i 10 minute sequence with Magic Bullet Looks as the only plugin used.



      It's odd because it doesn't look like Premiere Pro is using Hyperthreading technology (12 virtual cores, 6 physical cores)...and it's usage stays around 14%-16%. How can I get this higher? I want my renders to be quick. That's why I bought the big processor... Also I have 12gb ram and it uses just about all of it (my current apps as well as Premiere Pro)...as you can see I have 1113mb left of ram. Also it looks like my GPU is only being used at 41% (not sure what that is measuring... since the GPU clock is at 0% as well as Memory Clock)


      Any ideas on how I can speed this up or why it's reacting this way?

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          The best method for testing your system performance
          and comparing results to different configurations:


          Premiere Pro Benchmark for CS5

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            ECBowen Most Valuable Participant

            If you wanted faster export times you could have gone with one of the cheaper Nvidia cards and still exported far faster than you are now. So part of the answer to your question you already know. Get an Nvidia card.




            BTW plugins often vary in threading performance. Some plugins thread very well because they are updated for that and others dont multithread at all. Some thread as you see. Remove the plugin and try another that is not 3rd party and then check the threading.




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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              As said your GPU usage is 0%, that 41% is the percentage of your fan speed.  Here is my Task Manager window with the start of a 1920 x 1080 AVCHD clip with color correction and lots of audio ajustments.  Encoding to MPEG2-DVD (down scaling and encoding) with "Match Source Attributes (Highest Quality)"  as the preset.  This is a 8 minute 18 second video with AME (not export from Premiere) encoding time of 4 minutes 6 seconds.  Better than 200% encoding speed with my overclocked i7-980X and 24 GB of RAM.  While the screen shot says 65% CPU utilization the average is above about 72%.




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              Oh, Yes, I forgot to mention that this is of course CUDA/MPE enabled with a GTX 580

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                iimagine_creation Level 1

                Thanks for the responses. I am planning on buying an Nvidia card soon. Just don't have the funds at the moment. Like I said, when I first built this machine it was to run Final Cut Pro (didn't need an Nvidia to do that)...if I knew I was loading Windows 7 on it and running Premiere Pro I would have gone Nvidia route.


                I think it boils down to Magic Bullet Looks not being able to Hyperthread. I tested some other sequences without MBL on them and they used all 12 virtual cores. Pity. Wish I opted for that 980x! Probably going to upgrade my ram soon. I seem to keep capping out on my 12gb.